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Kirstin is a highly sought after keynote speaker at conferences, corporate events and awards nights across Australia, United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand, South Africa and Singapore.

With experience opening and closing events from many hundreds of attendees, to many thousands, Kirstin brings her power of storytelling through videos and case studies, her personal leadership experience, research credibility and down-to-earth manner to every speaking engagement.

Kirstin inspires, engages and educates her audiences while imparting wisdom and knowledge for attendees to take away and apply.

Head & Heart: The Art of Modern Leadership

  • 45-60 min keynote

In this highly interactive keynote, Kirstin engages her audiences through storytelling, videos and practical examples to help make her own leadership experiences and her research relevant for all audiences. This keynote is highly interactive with every participant able to complete their own Head & Heart Leader Scale™ and receive a personalised report which will help them understand their own areas for focus. Kirstin adapts her content to your audience, industry or organisation so it is relevant for all attendees regardless of seniority.

Key takeaways –

  • An understanding of the key elements of head and heart leadership including the four head-based attributes (curiosity, wisdom, capability and perspective) as well as the four heart-based attributes (humility, self-awareness, courage and empathy)

  • A personalised Head & Heart Leader Scale report for each attendee allowing attendees to personally relate to the information being shared

  • Stories and case studies of how to practice the ‘art’ of modern leadership

  • Personal examples and anecdotes from Kirstin’s own 30 year leadership career from the military through to the boardroom

 Feedback from attendees –

  • “Kirstin draws on decades of leadership, coaching and directorship experience while being warm, fun and relatable”

  • “One of the best conference speakers I have heard – relevant, engaging and thought provoking”

  • “Kirstin is an authentic, natural leader who immediately lifts your mood, your confidence and your own personal leadership style through her energy and positivity”

  • “This session was inspiring - your presentation touched my heart and I had tears several times”

  • “This was such a fantastic session – a perfect mix of goosebumps, science and practical steps to follow”


Unlocking the power of diversity and inclusion

  • 45-60 min keynote

It is not enough for any organisation to simply state ‘we want diversity’. Much harder is to create a truly inclusive culture that ensures diverse employees are truly included once they arrive. Diversity also needs to be considered through all its visible forms (age, gender, ethnicity, physical ability) and invisible forms (experience, educational background, skill sets, tenure).

In this engaging and interactive presentation, Kirstin will explain the creation of the highly acclaimed, viral #CelebratingWomen campaign and what this taught her about how including inclusion must be the strategy, and from that diversity will follow. Kirstin will consider the important role of male allies and why it is important for every modern leader to unlock the benefits diversity and inclusion bring to every organisation.

Key takeaways – 

  • A personal explanation of how and why the #CelebratingWomen campaign began and which eventually saw Kirstin celebrate 757 women from all walks of life and from 37 countries leading to spin off campaigns around the world

  • Stories and case studies of how to ensure we are all amplifying and supporting diverse voices and opinions

  • Why it is so critical for modern leaders to lead the way and role model the importance of diversity and inclusion

  • Personal examples and anecdotes from Kirstin’s own 30 year career as a woman in leadership from the military through to the boardroom

Feedback from attendees – 

  • “Thank you for the depth, wisdom and authenticity you brought to the room though your story telling”

  • “Your presentation was extremely inspiring, informative and engaging. Everyone found your story motivating and empowering”

  • “ So inspiring, fantastic session and amazing speaker, the imagery of the ladder v's the fishing net, will stay with me forever!”

  • Your story behind the celebrate women campaign was inspiring and your anecdotes highlighting the difference between inclusion and diversity really resonated with me. You are an absolute star!

  • “Your energy and passionate commitment to the cause of diversity and inclusiveness is infectious. People really listen and believe every word you say. Your approach is endearing, your connection to people is truly authentic and your leadership is undeniable. Like the most inspiring speakers and leaders, you hang on every word you say and never forget how great you makes us feel.”

What people say about Kirstin’s events

We really have loved having you amongst us. It is seldom, if ever, that an external speaker almost immediately feels like a colleague you have worked with for 10 years.
There was fantastic engagement from the audience and a number of people have told me how fantastic and on point the presentation was
A very down to earth, authentic person with an extraordinary resume and story
Your messages were so relevant to me and were beautifully reinforced by you sharing your own self reflections with us
Brilliant – very interesting, informative and down to earth
Outstanding presentation, grabbed the attention of everyone in the room.
One of the best conference speakers I have heard - relevant, engaging and thought provoking
Inspiring speaker, down to earth and approachable
One of the most relevant and engaging speakers at a conference for many years – a great choice
Your approach is endearing, your connection to people is truly authentic

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