Dr Kirstin Ferguson

Non-Executive Director

Dr Kirstin Ferguson has been a non-executive director since 2008 and has extensive experience on publicly listed, private company and government boards. Click below to find out more.

Keynote Speaker & Master of Ceremonies (MC)

Kirstin is a professional keynote speaker and MC. Kirstin speaks on a range of topics including leadership, trust, emotional intelligence & inclusion. Click below to find out more.

Author, Women Kind

In 2018 Kirstin joined forces with Walkley Award winning journalist Catherine Fox to write the award winning Women Kind on the power of women supporting women and using social media for good. Click below to find out more.

Creator, #CelebratingWomen

In 2017 Kirstin created the #CelebratingWomen campaign where she celebrated two women, from anywhere in the world and from all walks of life, every single day for a year. Click below to find out more.

Safety Governance & Leadership

Kirstin has deep expertise in health and safety governance due to her award winning PhD research as well as having been a CEO of an international health and safety organisation. Click below to find out more.


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