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Executive Coaching

  • Month to month engagement

Unlike many executive coaches, I do not follow a formal coaching framework or coaching method. I believe every leader is very unique with respect to their needs at any given point in their career so I will develop a coaching plan at the outset. Together we will also determine what success looks like so that it is sure to meet any specific needs at the time.

However, while every leader will have their own specific development needs, there are a number of common areas of focus I tend to work on with individual leaders which I have set out below. This list is by no means exhaustive and will vary from individual to individual.

Kirstin is passionate about working with people to help them become the best leader they can possibly be and would love to talk to you about how you might work together, so be sure to get in touch.

Potential areas of focus for executive coaching -

  • How to practice head and heart leadership in daily interactions

  • Identifying, articulating, and building an authentic personal leadership brand

  • Creating environments for high performance

  • Developing skills to become a more emotionally intelligent leader

  • Working through strategies for managing conflict and participating in challenging conversations

  • Working on communication skills to build engagement and buy-in

  • Establishing and maintaining an executive presence

  • Working on strategies to create a psychologically safe place to work

  • Building rapport and collaboration amongst geographically dispersed and remote team members

  • Developing skills to create a best practice feedback culture

  • Helping to bring a senior executive lens to problem solving

  • Working on career plans and prospects for the future, including building a board career

  • Discussing strategies to develop a public profile through speaking, writing or social media

Feedback from leaders Kirstin has coached -

  • “Because of Kirstin, I am significantly more aware of different abilities I had not paid enough attention to in the past, and better able to leverage these in building my leadership for a new career pathway.”

  • “Being coached by Kirstin is like having dark sunglasses removed on a cloudy day.”

  • “Kirstin has been the best investment I have made for my career and leadership development.”

  • “I have always found Kirstin to offer really wise, practical advice, even in the most challenging times.”

  • “Kirstin’s perspective and approach have been a genuine breath of fresh air: her coaching has quickly and kindly supported me to identify and take practical steps to remove the barriers to achieving my potential as a head-and-heart leader. “


Career Coaching

  • 90 minutes

Kirstin offers individual career coaching to leaders interested in talking through different options or choices at critical points in their career.

Examples of previous career coaching advice has included  - 

  • Advice on how to transition from an executive career to a board career

  • Specific advice you may require regarding a leadership issue or decision you need to make

  • Discussions about further study, including whether to consider pursuing a PhD and the steps to take

  • How to build a professional speaking career

  • General feedback and advice on building a personal brand using social media

  • Advice on building brand and credibility through writing (books, opinion pieces etc)

If you would like to organise a career coaching session with Kirstin, please get in touch.


Corporate Advisory

  • As required

Kirstin offers bespoke advisory and consulting services to global brands and senior leaders around the world.

While every engagement is different, some of the ways Kirstin can assist include -

  • Leadership and organisational culture reviews to provide an independent, expert view of the current state of human factor organisational performance including leadership capability, engagement levels, organisational structure, team cohesion and dynamics, and governance.

  • Review of leadership capability and organisational culture ahead of an acquisition.

  • Confidential investigations and reports for boards and CEOs on specific leadership issues.

  • Organisation wide analysis using the Head & Heart Leader Scale™ or other engagement surveys.

This list is not intended to be exhaustive and engagements have varied according to the specific needs of the client and organisation.

Every engagement is treated with the utmost confidentiality given the often sensitive nature of the conversations and work to be undertaken.

Kirstin supplements her own expertise through drawing up high performance organisational psychologist/s to support the engagement, if needed.

Please contact Kirstin directly to discuss further -

Just some of the clients Kirstin has worked with

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We would love to hear from you and understand how Kirstin may be able to assist you, your organisation or your event. Please get in touch with Kirstin and our team today.

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