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Executive Coaching

  • Month to month engagement

Unlike many executive coaches, I do not follow a formal coaching framework or coaching method. I believe every leader is very unique with respect to their needs at any given point in their career so I will develop a coaching plan at the outset. Together we will also determine what success looks like so that it is sure to meet any specific needs at the time.

However, while every leader will have their own specific development needs, there are a number of common areas of focus I tend to work on with individual leaders which I have set out below. This list is by no means exhaustive and will vary from individual to individual.

Kirstin is passionate about working with people to help them become the best leader they can possibly be and would love to talk to you about how you might work together, so be sure to get in touch.

Potential areas of focus for executive coaching -

  • How to practice head and heart leadership in daily interactions

  • Identifying, articulating, and building an authentic personal leadership brand

  • Creating environments for high performance

  • Developing skills to become a more emotionally intelligent leader

  • Working through strategies for managing conflict and participating in challenging conversations

  • Working on communication skills to build engagement and buy-in

  • Establishing and maintaining an executive presence

  • Working on strategies to create a psychologically safe place to work

  • Building rapport and collaboration amongst geographically dispersed and remote team members

  • Developing skills to create a best practice feedback culture

  • Helping to bring a senior executive lens to problem solving

  • Working on career plans and prospects for the future, including building a board career

  • Discussing strategies to develop a public profile through speaking, writing or social media

Feedback from leaders Kirstin has coached -

  • “Because of Kirstin, I am significantly more aware of different abilities I had not paid enough attention to in the past, and better able to leverage these in building my leadership for a new career pathway.”

  • “Being coached by Kirstin is like having dark sunglasses removed on a cloudy day.”

  • “Kirstin has been the best investment I have made for my career and leadership development.”

  • “I have always found Kirstin to offer really wise, practical advice, even in the most challenging times.”

  • “Kirstin’s perspective and approach have been a genuine breath of fresh air: her coaching has quickly and kindly supported me to identify and take practical steps to remove the barriers to achieving my potential as a head-and-heart leader. “


Leadership Advisor

  • As required

Kirstin offers specialised consulting to organisations as required. These engagements, which are often highly complex and sensitive, are designed on an individual basis to meet your requirements and may deal with specific leadership or cultural issues which have arisen.

Examples of previous leadership advisory work  - 

  • Briefing boards on leadership challenges and suggested solutions

  • Undertaking culture reviews through interviews and desktop reviews

  • Leading sensitive interviews as a result of specific workplace incidents 

  • Providing one to one advice to CEOs, C-suite and board members on leadership issues

If you have an issue you would like to discuss with Kirstin, please get in touch. Kirstin will be able to advise whether it is a matter she can assist with and if not, will direct you to other experts in the field.



  • Up to 2 hours

In this expanded version of Kirstin’s highly popular keynote, Head & Heart: The Art of Modern Leadership, audiences receive a much deeper dive into the concepts of head and heart leadership. 

In this engaging workshop which allows plenty of time for audience participation and reflection, Kirstin will cover all the material in the Head & Heart keynote but have time to cover the concepts in more detail and consider how each of the head and heart attributes can also be developed in others.

Key takeaways –

  • A deeper understanding of the key elements of head and heart leadership including the four head-based attributes (curiosity, wisdom, capability and perspective) as well as the four heart-based attributes (humility, self-awareness, courage and empathy)

  • An understanding as a leader of how to encourage others to also develop their head and heart leadership

  • A personalised Head & Heart Leader Scale report for each attendee allowing attendees to personally relate to the information being shared

  • Stories and case studies of how to practice the ‘art’ of modern leadership

  • Personal examples and anecdotes from Kirstin’s own 30 year leadership career from the military through to the boardroom

 Feedback from attendees –

  • Kirstin is an authentic, natural leader who immediately lifts your mood, your confidence, and your own personal style through her energy and positivity. Kirstin exemplifies humanizing leadership with her warm, natural, open style that lifts the room. Kirstin is highly engaging speaker and is completely comfortable with all formats

  • Thank you so much for making our discussion so warm, fun, engaging and impactful. You brought such terrific energy and comments to the discussion and I am grateful for how natural it felt – I’ve no doubt our audience will find it uplifting and inspiring and will find many new things to consider in their own leadership.

  • Kirstin is a delight to work with, she took the session brief and made it her own as such created a really worthwhile and beneficial session for our delegates.

  • You skilfully moderated that session with a perfect balance of commentary and questions and it was acknowledged and appreciated by everyone who attended. It was personal, conversational and on point. Attendees were fully engaged and proactively responded with feedback. I called it “brilliance in action”.

  • An amazing session - felt both intimate and interactive and such stimulating conversations.



  • As required

Kirstin developed the Head & Heart Leader Scale, along with Professor Lisa Bradley at the QUT Business School, to help people self-assess their current perceptions of how they lead with their head and heart. 

The scale is a set of twenty-four questions which have been empirically tested across each of the eight attributes that make up a modern leader. 

Individual assessments -

The scale allows any individual to self assess their head and heart leadership and provides the opportunity to identify and reflect on areas where they may need to rebalance their approach.

To take the free survey and receive a free, personalised report, simply visit

Team and organisation wide assessments -

The Head & Heart Leader Scale™ can be customised for specific teams or groups of individuals. Every individual in the team will receive their own report and an aggregated result for the entire team or organisation can also be provided.

Just some of the clients Kirstin has worked with

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