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27 April 2018

Where do you live? I live in Brisbane. I also have a home on the Sunshine Coast where I hope to live permanently very soon. I just love being on the Sunshine Coast. 

First job? At the age of 17 I went straight from school to join the military to train to be an Air Force officer at the Australian Defence Force Academy.

What are you currently working on? Among my various board roles that keep me busy, I am also writing a book called Women Kind which will be published by Allen & Unwin and will be in bookstores in September. It is about a global social media campaign I creative last year called #CelebratingWomen and will also be looking at the wave of woman supporting women we are seeing around the world. 

Your family includes? My husband Glen, our two daughters Emily and Zoe and a cat called Rosie. 

First car? A bright yellow 1974 Honda Civic. 

Favorite book? Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. 

If your life was a book, what would be the title? Far from Fabulous

What are you reading right now? Personal History, which is the autobiography of Katherine Graham, who was the publisher of The Washington Post

Favorite song and why? Landslide by Fleetwood Mac. I think the messages of being afraid of change yet getting bolder as you get older resonate with everyone. And I love Stevie Nicks. 

What are you watching right now? As I am on the board of the ABC I watch as many ABC programs as I can including SquintersHarrowand Sando

When was the last time you played sport and what was it? I went scuba diving on HMAS Brisbane in January with family and friends – does that count? 

The best advice you have been given? Say yes to opportunities when they come your way. 

What is your favorite place on the Sunshine Coast and why? Currimundi lake and beach. It’s where my heart and home is and where I enjoy being the most. 

If you could change one thing on the Sunshine Coast what would it be? An express train from Brisbane direct to the coast would be fantastic. 

What was the best day of your life? When I think of everything that has happened in my life, none of it would have been as enjoyable without my husband by my side. So the best day of my life was the day I met him. 

What are you most proud of? My daughters are now 18 and 15 and they are brilliant, confident, intelligent, kind young women. So seeing how they conduct themselves and knowing they are ready to tackle the world in their own way makes me incredibly proud. 

You are happiest when? Whenever I am at my home on the Sunshine Coast. The minute I arrive I relax and I never want to leave. 

What frustrates you the most? That I now need to find my reading glasses to use my phone! 

How do you deal with your frustrations? I find my reading glasses! 

If you could tell your 18 year old self anything, what would it be? Breathe. There’s no need to rush to achieve everything. You will get there so remember to enjoy the journey along the way.

If you won $1 million how would you spend it? Travel, travel and some more travel. 

Tea or coffee and how do you have it? I don’t drink tea or coffee but I am addicted to Pepsi Max and Coke Zero. 

NRL or AFL? Rugby union. I was the first female board member of Queensland Rugby Union so I am biased. 

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