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#CelebratingWomen Is The Campaign That Every Woman Needs To Know About

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Because if one thing is certain, it’s that women deserve to be celebrated.

Lucy Quaggin

7 March 2017

On International Women’s Day, the work of women is celebrated across the globe, but there’s one project that’s been shining the spotlight on remarkable women every day of 2017.

It’s called #CelebratingWomen and that’s exactly what it’s doing. It’s literally celebrating women from all walks of life, every single day of this year through social media.

The project launched by Dr Kirstin Ferguson was originally created to fight against the denigration of women online but now it’s become so much more than that.

“It started right at the start of the year, I love using Twitter and social media. I noticed that women are denigrated online for no reason at all. I wanted to see more celebration and less of this denigration online,” Ferguson explained to The Huffington Post Australia.

She then launched #CelebratingWomen and committed herself to sharing the profile of two women from any country and any walk of life, every single day of 2017.

The first person Ferguson profiled was her mother Irene and initially she asked contacts, colleagues and friends to get involved. Since then she’s profiled a mathematician, Canadian paralympian and former presidential candidate from Iceland. And that’s only scratching the surface.

“While I may be facilitating it and getting the stories out. It’s every woman that makes this possible. It’s a group effort of women around the world putting themselves forward,” she said.

Ferguson explained that so far women from 13 countries have been featured. This includes women from Kenya, Serbia, America, the UK and Australia.

“Every single woman has done something inspiring for someone else, they are all role models. It doesn’t matter if their at home with their kids or running for president,” Ferguson said.

She explained that she’s not naive enough to think she can completely change the way people may treat each other on social media. Ferguson believes that the project has shifted focus to women as role models, allowing women to share what they are doing and what they want to be doing.

It’s now about celebrating women as role models, Ferguson said the more diverse the better. And the best part about it? Literally every woman can get involved.

All women that get in touch and complete the form on the project’s website will be profiled. They just have to answer four questions and upload four photos.

Ferguson has a strong message to all women on International Women’s Day, emphasising that every woman whether or not they realise it deserves to be celebrated.

She wants people to realise through #CelebratingWomen, that every woman is a role model to someone else and that in itself is something to celebrate.

“Every woman regardless on what they ‘do’ they are a role model, whether or not they realise it themselves. They deserve to be made visible,” she said.

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