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4 great leadership lessons from Julia Gillard, Yasmin Poole, Sonja Stewart and Dr Kirstin Ferguson

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We are so proud to have just launched Season Three of The Leadership Lessons, our podcast featuring interviews with women on how to lead for critical decade ahead.

So far, we’ve interviewed more than 20 leading women for this podcast, and heard a diverse range of stories and insights on what more can be done in order to reset our businesses, our community and our world for the better.

The podcast is hosted by journalist Kate Mills and made possible thanks to the support of Salesforce, and we are hugely grateful to have received their support again for this next series.

So to celebrate, we’ve just launched a special episode featuring some key insights from our first series: with former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, youth advocate Yasmin Poole, CEO of The NSW Law Society Sonja Stewart and leading company director Dr Kirstin Ferguson all featured.

Our producer Allison Ho has pulled out some of their best insights, and worked with Kate on getting this episode together.

You’ll need to listen in order to capture their full lessons, but below is a taste of some of the key things shared.

Julia Gillard: “Go for leadership. If you’re motivated, go for it (and we don’t just mean in politics, we mean in all walks of life). But be aware that there will be things that happen to you because you are a woman.”

Yasmin Poole: “If you want to be a leader, you have to understand yourself. That is absolutely the first part of being a leader. Beyond just the optics of having a leadership role, there has to be internal understanding.”

Sonja Stewart: “The advice that I’d give centres around authenticity and never forgetting where you’re from, and never forgetting that we stand on the shoulders of others that went before us. And so, that deep respect of elders and people who pave the path for us, and we are on that same path for a short period of time, so how do we be kind to ourselves, how do we back ourselves? But how do we continue on that journey of leadership and leave legacy and impact.”

Kirstin Ferguson: “For me it’s all about empowering and emboldening those that you lead to follow and to develop themselves, and to move everyone in the same direction of whatever your goal might be.”

“I also think that kindness and empathy have been really essential traits of leaders. And if you can be a leader that can simultaneously lead with kindness and empathy, while also being decisive and making decisions quickly without all the data, I think they’re the leaders we’re seeing most successful today.”

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