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The top attributes of modern leaders with Kirstin Ferguson

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30 August 2023

I have a special treat for you in this episode of Real Relationships Real Revenue! I sat down with Kirstin Ferguson whose new book The Head & Heart: The Art of Modern Leadership just came out and it is perfect for anyone tuning into this show. You are the people who have one foot in deep technical expertise,  but you’ve also got to lead teams. You’ve got to lead strategic partner relationships to do the great work that you do, and in this episode, Kirstin is going to teach us how to do that even better.

Topics We Cover in This Episode:

– What the art of the modern leader really is
– Why feedback is crucial for modern leaders
– The small moments that leave a big impact as a leader
– How you can assess your modern leadership for free
– The important attributes of leadership
– The power of self-awareness as a leader
– Why it’s so important to lead with courage
– The art of moving from personal to professional relationships 
– The innate curiosity we all have and what happens when we apply it to clients
– The wisdom in decision-making
– The correlation between perspective and empathy
– Practical tips to implement modern leadership principles

I hope this episode helps you discover the art of staying present, nurturing humility, and embracing self-awareness as you navigate the world of modern leadership.

If you want to learn more from Kirstin, I highly recommend you get a copy of her book Head & Heart: The Art of Modern Leadership, take the free Head & Heart Leader Scale assessment, and follow her on social media. 

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