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The Essence of Leading with Head & Heart – a Conversation with Dr Kirstin Ferguson AM

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Meet Dr Kirstin Ferguson AM, leader, board member, journalist and bestselling author of ‘Head & Heart : The Art of Modern Leadership’ and my most recent guest for the Rawthentic Leadership podcast. Kirstin’s diverse career, attitude to risk and passion for diversity and inclusion makes for an enriching and lively conversation about what modern day leadership is and means, the stereotypes that need to change and how we can become the very best leaders we can by leading with both head and heart. Some of the many points we covered as the time flew by include:- Kirstin’s leadership journey starting at 17 in the Royal Australian Airforce From the military to law and psychology – the journey to leading people Being prepared to say “YES”! The thread that tied Kirstin’s diverse career goals together Addressing imposter syndrome The evolution of leading with Head & Heart Adaptive leadership – what it really means A peek into the experience of sitting on Boards The wonderful Word to Wisdom ratio and a leader who epitomises it! Kirstin’s crisis support work at Lifeline How Kirstin arrived at the 8 head and heart leadership attributes Why empathy can be a double-edged sword What stops some leaders embracing leading with head and heart The self/others awareness gap How to close the gap on the blind spots – how you see yourself versus how you are perceived by others Why this is a leadership book that you will finish An insight into he process of writing the book One of the many interviews that stood out for Kirstin and why Exploring the 2 concepts of ‘everyone is a leader’ and ‘leadership is a series of moments’ Kirstin’s Head & Heart leader scale

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