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TEDx Sydney interview on the Great Realignment and leadership in a post-COVID world

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In an interview for TEDx Sydney, Sunita Gloster and Kirstin Ferguson talk about the concept of the Great Realignment and how leadership in a post-COVID world is now changed forever.

The last two years of uncertainty has given rise to pandemic epiphanies about the meaning and purpose of work – importantly, it catalysed a fundamental rethink of careers and employee expectations. As a result, new leaders emerged. They provided purpose and flexibility, but most notably, they surfaced the question: is it time up for traditional, pre-pandemic leadership traits? Join leadership expert Dr Kirstin Ferguson and CEO Sunita Gloster as they debate the role of leadership in the new normal, debunk the myth that leaders are born and not made, and prepare leaders for the opportunities that arise from the great employment reshuffle.

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