Are you interested in learning more about working together?​

There are a number of opportunities for us to work together so please contact us through the contact page to let us know your needs.

Below are four areas we are commonly called upon to assist with although every situation is different so we are happy to understand your requirements further and see what may be possible.

Keynote speeches, workshops and masterclasses​

We offer a range of different events to allow a deeper dive into what it means to be a head and heart leader. There is also the opportunity to build a series of events which focus on any number of the individual attributes.  These events allow participants to take the Head & Heart Leader Scale™ survey before or during the event and receive a copy of Head & Heart: The Art of Modern Leadership to assist in their leadership development.

Executive leadership coaching​

For many leaders, executive coaching works best to understand how to integrate leading with the head and heart into their current leadership approach. We offer coaching arrangements on a monthly retainer with no fixed contract length which allows for maximum flexibility. Each coaching engagement also offers the opportunity to complete a 360 degree evaluation using The Leadership Circle tool.

Group Head & Heart Leader Scale™ reports​

We can arrange for individuals in your team, or your entire organisation, to complete the Head & Heart Leader Scale™ so that they each receive their own individual report and you are provided with a single collated report showing how your team or organisation self-assess themselves as a group against the head and heart leadership attributes. Please contact us for information on pricing and how this might work for your team or organisation.

Leadership consulting and culture reviews​

We offer specialised consulting to organisations as required. These engagements, which are often highly complex and sensitive, are designed on an individual basis to meet your requirements and may deal with specific leadership or cultural issues which have arisen.

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