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Military might – Kirstin Ferguson’s long march to equality in leadership

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Once upon a time, a young Kirstin Ferguson wanted to be Australia’s first female Prime Minister. And she figured the free university education and rigorous leadership training of the military would make a good first step.

But – surprise! – the Royal Australian Air Force Academy of the 1990s wasn’t the most welcoming environment for an ambitious young woman. Kirstin had to adjust her behaviour in ways that would affect everything she did for the next few decades.

After a stint in a law firm, and multiple roles on prestigious boards, Kirstin’s now focused on developing the next crop of leaders. Her new book is called Head & Heart: The Art of Modern Leadership. +++ Curveball is a production of Deadset Studios.

It’s the show that leans into life’s messy moments! Host Kellie Riordan takes you inside the someone’s curveball moment. They’ve been thrown a challenge, dealt a tough hand, the stakes are high. A decision could change the course of their life.

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This was episode was produced and edited by Liam Riordan. Executive producers are Rachel Fountain and Kellie Riordan. We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Australians and Traditional Custodians of the land on which this show was made.

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