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Leadership Coaching

Interested in finding a leadership coach?

I have been coaching leaders my entire career whether in the workplace, through formal mentoring arrangements or informally. I feel very fortunate to be able to combine more than 30 years of my own senior leadership experience – including as a former CEO and current board member – with many years of researching, writing and speaking on leadership.

Our coaching sessions will be held virtually to make it convenient and accessible for us both. It also means I am able to coach leaders based in any location.

Coaching options

If you are interested in understanding how we can work together, we should first talk about what your goals are and design a plan that will work specifically for you. To give you an idea of some of the ways I work with leaders, below are two ideas of options that are available – 

Ongoing coaching

Monthly, virtual coaching sessions (generally over a 6-12 month period) with ongoing access as required outside of the formal session for ongoing support.

Single session coaching

2 hour virtual session focused on a specific area of development or area of interest for any team member which is often used to acknowledge or thank high performers or those with a specific leadership challenge.


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Potential focus areas for development

Every coaching engagement will be unique and tailored for that leader depending on the areas of leadership development they wish to focus on. Some potential areas of focus may include –

– Developing emotional intelligence (EQ) skills
– Developing skills to give and receive feedback
– Enhancing ability to lead with empathy
– Creating psychologically safe teams
– Developing self-awareness of leadership impact on others
– Improving effective engagement with Boards
– Enhancing internal/external communication skills
– Building inclusive teams and workplaces
– Creating strong and trusted relationships
– Bringing a senior executive lens to problem solving
– Strategies for profile raising through social media, public speaking or writing 

Finding the right coach is a lot about 'chemistry'

Finding the right leadership coach is all about making sure you have the right ‘chemistry’ and an agreed focus on the areas you wish to develop. It may be that I am not the coach you are looking for but I can possibly point you in the right direction of someone who might be.

So if you are interested in finding a leadership coach, watch this quick introductory video and if you like, we can then go from there. 

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