I believe every woman is a to someone else


In 2017, in an effort to see more celebration and less denigration of women online, I started the #CelebratingWomen campaign where I committed to celebrating two women, from anywhere in the world and from all walks of life, every single day of the year. 

I never anticipated how large the campaign would become and by the end of 2017, I was astounded to have celebrated 757 women from 37 countries. #CelebratingWomen very quickly became a movement of women supporting women around the world.

The #CelebratingWomen campaign was nominated for an Our Watch/Walkley Award for best use of social media. It has also led to many spin off campaigns around the world and in various industries. I was thrilled that the campaign also led to my co-authoring Women Kind with Walkley award winning journalist Catherine Fox about the campaign as well the collective shared power of women supporting women. 

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In 2018 Kirstin joined forces with Walkley Award winning journalist Catherine Fox to write the award winning Women Kind  : Unlocking the Power of Women Supporting Women. 

In 2019 Women Kind was named Australian Business and Management Book of the Year.