I can’t remember a time when leadership has not been part of my life. I feel so privileged to have been led by extraordinary leaders, to have been a leader myself for more than 30 years and and to have researched, written and been speaking about leadership for just as long. 

I believe that everyone is a leader regardless of your formal role. We are all leaders of our families, communities, businesses, governments. We all have the opportunity to choose how we lead and to create the legacy we leave in our wake.

My own leadership experience has been incredibly varied including as a military officer, leading lawyers and then leading of large international group of psychologists. I now have the opportunity to lead in more indirect ways whether through sitting on company boards, advising companies and executives or becoming an “Accidental Activist” when creating a social media movement like #CelebratingWomen. 

You can read more about my professional work via the links below and you can also download my career bio if you should need it. 

I look forward to connecting with you.


My professional work

Business Leader

Accidental Activist

Keynote Speaker

Master of Ceremonies (MC)