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Dr Kirstin Ferguson is an award-winning, globally recognised leader, executive coach, public speaker, company director and writer.

With a 30-year executive career and a PhD in leadership and culture, she is one of Australia’s most prominent leadership experts. Kirstin is changing the way the world looks at leadership, helping people become modern leaders who can lead with both their head and their heart.

Some of Kirstin’s career achievements include:

  • Only Australian to receive international recognition as one of the world’s top 30 ‘Thinkers to Watch’ by Thinkers 50 in 2021
  • Author of Head & Heart: The Art of Modern Leadership, published by Penguin Random House
  • Co-author of the award-winning book, Women Kind: Unlocking the Power of Women Supporting Women
  • Appointed by the Prime Minister of Australia as Acting Chair and Deputy Chair of Australian Broadcasting Corporation
  • Award-winning PhD research on leadership and corporate culture
  • Created the viral #CelebratingWomen campaign, which saw Kirstin celebrate women, from all walks of life and all over the world, every single day for a year
  • Named as one of Australia’s 100 Women of Influence
  • Graduated Dux of her Royal Australian Air Force graduating class at the Australian Defence Force Academy


Kirstin is a highly sought-after keynote speaker for her inspiring and innovative speeches where she uses storytelling, videos and the latest research to help audiences to understand how to lead with their head and heart. Kirstin has spoken at conferences, roundtable events and awards nights across Australia, UK, US and New Zealand.


Kirstin is in-demand for her highly personalised, one-on-one leadership coaching with senior executives. Kirstin draws on three decades of leadership experience to coach individuals to reach their leadership potential through understanding ways to enhance their emotional intelligence and to lead with the head and the heart.


Kirstin is a published author and columnist. Kirstin writes a weekly column in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age where she answers readers’ questions on leadership, careers and work. She is the author of Head & Heart: The Art of Modern Leadership and is the co-author of the award-winning book Women Kind: Unlocking the Power of Women Supporting Women.

Fed up with online abuse of women, in 2017 Kirstin created the #CelebratingWomen campaign which created a global movement of women supporting women. This led to Kirstin co-authoring the award-winning book Women Kind.