Keynote Speaker & MC

Keynote Speaker & Master of Ceremonies

Keynote Speaker & Master of Ceremonies

Dr Kirstin Ferguson is a sought after Keynote Speaker and Master of Ceremonies. She has opened conferences in the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand as well as spoken on panels, led boardroom events, facilitated professional seminars and delivered workshops/webinars.

Dr Ferguson will tailor her presentation to the specific needs of the event or audience. Please click on the categories below for examples of speaking topics Dr Ferguson has previously given.

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Audience Feedback

“…engaging & inspiring…”

“…she fills the room with energy and passionate commitment…”

“Inspiring & down to earth!”

“We need more smart, emotionally intelligent speakers like Kirstin”

“… she inspires leadership teams…”

“You spoke to each & every one of us which made it so special”

“… spectacular job as MC…”

“Love your sense of humour and humility”

“Your manner and style as our MC simply exuded positive inspiration and professionalism. Your involvement with Ozwater’18 so helped set the tone for the conference’s Evolution, Revolution theme and perfectly reflected the professionalism of (conference organiser) Kirsty Blades’ overall delivery of the event. Having an MC with your communication skills and direct experience in the water sector gave the conference a special polish not often seen at such events. Thank you so much for your work – it was truly appreciated by all of us at the Association and importantly by our delegates.” Australian Water Association

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